HUM Eid Telefilm Starring Sonya Hussyn and Usama Khan

Moeeza Arshad April 9, 2024


This Eid, HUM TV is set to entertain audiences again with the release of Eid telefilm, “Mano Aur Mani Ki Love Story.” Brimming with romance and the inevitable ups and downs of love, this telefilm promises to be a delightful treat for viewers seeking a heartfelt story to indulge in during the festive season. Starring the talented duo of Sonya Hussyn and Usama Khan, viewers can expect brilliant performances that bring to life the fun dynamics of love and relationships.

Penned by the renowned writer Jahanzeb Qamar, known for his talent of weaving compelling narratives, and helmed by the skilled director Angeline Malik, “Mano Aur Mani Ki Love Story” is poised to offer a perfect blend of upmarket storytelling and stellar direction. Produced by Angelic Films, this telefilm is set to enchant audiences with its gripping storyline, relatable characters, and picturesque settings. With Eid festivities just around the corner, “Mano Aur Mani Ki Love Story” promises to be a must-watch telefilm that will resonate with viewers of all ages. Stay tuned to HUM TV for an unforgettable cinematic experience this Eid.

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