Ishq Murshid Family Share Behind the Scene camaraderie

Moeeza Arshad January 23, 2024


In a spectacle of off-screen camaraderie, the cast and crew of “Ishq Murshid” recently shared a delightful behind-the-scenes glimpse, offering fans a peek into the familial bond that defines the production. Led by the talented director Farooq Rind and Abdul Khaliq Khan, the ensemble cast, including the versatile Bilal Abbas Khan in the dual lead roles of Shahmir Sikandar and Fazal Bakhsh, Ali Gul Mallah embodying the real Fazal Bakhsh, and the talented Hira Tareen portraying Mehreen, gathered for a group photo that radiated warmth and unity.

This behind-the-scenes snapshot not only showcases the professional synergy within the team but also underscores the sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the camera lens. The shared smiles and genuine connections among the actors and crew members hint at a positive working environment, undoubtedly contributing to the on-screen magic that has captured the hearts of viewers. As “Ishq Murshid” continues to enthrall audiences, this behind-the-scenes moment serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit behind the scenes, reinforcing the notion that a united team effort often translates into a brilliant and successful production

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