Kacha Dhaga – Breaking of the thread

Moeeza Arshad May 19, 2023


It’s intriguing how the person boarded on a trek of vengeance believes, that he will find his ultimate solace in the devastation of his foe. But as the saying goes, that when you embark on the journey of revenge, dig two graves, one for yourself. When Hamdan vowed to avenge his insult from Jamal and Arishma he assumed that he will get his peace once he has ruined both of them beyond mend, but the destiny had planned the otherwise.

After being dejected by the love of his life, Hamdan set on a mission to come back stronger and avenge his humiliation from Jamal. He decided to give them both the equal damage that he endured. Driven by his hateful ambition, Hamdan set fire to everything he held dear including his own sanity.

The burning aspiration of seeing Arishma suffer in her personal life, and dragging Jamal from the stature of abundance to the ground, made Hamdan completely blind to the cost he had to pay. His own mother, after being constantly disappointed in her son, watching him ruin people’s life, left him for a lesson. His only solace, Maya, the person who loved him beyond measures was also badly broken by his actions and consistent hate driven gambits.

Initially nothing seemed to sweep Hamdan off his feet, from the trail of vengeance that had no termination. His malevolent actions and loathsome words drove his own aunt to death, that even Maya, despite of boundless love for him, wasn’t able to forgive. When everyone’s vessel of patience brim to its full, Hamdan was left completely alone with not a person that care for him in sight.

Now with his whole world turned upside down, no forgiveness from anyone he held dear, and losing his sanity, will Hamdan realize the price he had to pay for his endeavours. Will he change his disposition to gain the lost love back, or will his fate consume the rest of him. To find out, watch the last episode of Kacha Dhaga, tonight at 9 pm, only on HUM TV.

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