HUM Arabia – Pakistan’s first ever Arabic entertainment YouTube Channel

Moeeza Arshad May 22, 2023


Resuming the legacy of endless entertainment and global expansion, HUM Network marks yet another milestone by launching its new YouTube channel, HUM Arabia. This pioneering endeavor establishes HUM Arabia as the first-ever Arabic dubbed YouTube channel by any Pakistani TV network. HUM Arabia promises to cater the massive Arabic-speaking audience by providing them with the finest selection of HUM TV’s blockbuster drama serials.

The first and foremost submission on HUM Arabia will be the masterpiece drama series ‘Parizaad.’ This trailblazing show has already captured the hearts of audiences worldwide through its matchless screenplay and brilliant acting skills of the incredibly talented Ahmed Ali Akbar. By bringing ‘Parizaad’ to the Arab audience, HUM Arabia sets the stage for an enthralling journey filled with stratagem, emotions, and thought-provoking themes that transcend cultural boundaries.

HUM Arabia guarantees to serve as a portal to a variety of enthralling Arabic-dubbed content, granting Arabic-speaking viewers exclusive access to the finest offerings from Pakistani television. With a broad spectrum of beloved HUM TV shows, ranging from heartwarming family dramas to captivating romantic sagas, HUM Arabia will showcase a diverse array of content that has been meticulously translated and dubbed to maintain the authenticity and essence of the original performances.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of this endeavor, of introducing our unique content to the acreages of Arab lands. We are foreshadowing a promising success through this lead.” – Message by Raheel Boricha (General Manager Interactive Department HUM TV)

Showcasing the fascinating art of storytelling, exceptional performances, and convincing narratives, HUM Arabia aims to captivate the Arab viewers and make a significant impact. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure as HUM TV and HUM Arabia redefine the boundaries of entertainment and bring the brilliance of Pakistani content to the Arab world, HUM Arabia launching on 1st June 2023 on YouTube.

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