Kacha Dhaga: Will Maya’s love change Hamdan forever?

Moeeza Arshad April 28, 2023


From the days when Hamdan was not rich or well-off, Maya has always had the purest love for him. Being stuck in the triangle of love with Hamdan and Arishma, Maya was always rejected by him. As the tragedy unfolds and the love ties of Hamdan and Arishma break, Maya’s long lost desires regrow as Hamdan turns towards her. Little did she know this was only the beginning of another hell that’ll break down on her.

Hamdan was deeply in love with Arishma, but because of his financial instability and destitution, he was denied marriage with the love of his life, by her father Jamal. He was dejected, and ever since was unable to forget his public humiliation. Overwhelmed after the refusal, in dismay and anger he left the country to come back stronger. Filled with anger and a burning desire for revenge, Hamdan had planned his vengeance against Arishma’s family, which becomes his only motive in life.

When he comes back from America, Maya expresses her love for Hamdan which he rejects ruthlessly. After humiliating Jamal and Arishma in front of everyone by rejecting the proposal Hamdan believed he had won the battle. But he does not just stop there and begins to work on a plan to ruin Arishma’s family financially. He uses his wealth and influence to manipulate the markets, causing their businesses to affect eventually.

Meanwhile when Arishma got married to Harib, Hamdan’s drive for vengeance was once again reinstated and he ploys to use Maya as a pawn this time. He lures Maya into the web of his schemes and asks her to marry her, only to get access into Arishma’s life. Maya’s love for Hamdan was always unrequited, and she endured immense pain and repeated rejection. Despite the hardships she faced, she never gave up on her love for him and remained steadfast in her devotion. Her unwavering commitment to Hamdan, even in the face of adversity, was a testament to the depth and strength of her love.

Maya’s one-sided love for Hamdan was a tumultuous journey, fraught with heartbreak and disappointment. She poured her heart and soul into her love for him, only to be met with rejection time and time again. The pain and suffering she endured could have easily caused her to give up, but instead, Maya persevered. Her love for Hamdan was unwavering, and she remained steadfast in her commitment to him, but when his purpose was served he decides to leave Maya.

Despite the pain she experienced, Maya’s love for Hamdan never faltered. But after finding out that nothing she has ever done has changed Hamdan a bit and he still loves Arishma and his every action was driven by revenge, Maya reaches the edge and takes the radical step of attempting suicide. She sends a last video to Hamdan confessing her passionate love once again, that she couldn’t live without him so she’s choosing to take her own life. Will Maya survive this time or her quest for Hamdan’s love lead her to death? Will the power of Maya’s zealous love change Hamdan’s heart and malicious ways or will he continue to destroy people’s lives? To find out watch Kacha Dhaga, Monday to Friday 9pm, only on HUM TV.

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