Kickboxer Agha Kaleem shares his chief support system

Moeeza Arshad September 13, 2023


Kickboxer Agha Kaleem, fresh off his impressive victory in an international MMA championship, expressed his heartfelt gratitude during an interview on HUM news’ show “Subah Se Agay.” In a candid conversation, Kaleem openly acknowledged the pivotal role played by renowned singer Ali Zafar in his remarkable success.

During the interview, Kaleem shared his journey and revealed how Ali Zafar’s unwavering support and belief in him had been instrumental in his achievements. He emphasized that without Zafar’s mentorship and encouragement, he might have abandoned his kickboxing dreams.

This heartfelt expression of thanks on a prominent news platform underscores the profound impact Zafar had on Kaleem’s career and highlights the importance of mentorship and support in the world of sports. The interview serves as a heartwarming reminder that success often stems from teamwork, dedication, and the guidance of influential mentors.

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