Millie Bobby Brown shares her alternate career choice

Moeeza Arshad September 13, 2023


In a recent interview on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, the “Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown, opened up about an unexpected career choice she would have pursued if not for her successful acting career. While promoting her new book, ‘Nineteen Steps,’ Brown revealed that she has a deep passion for working in a care home. She expressed her love for the rich history and stories that older people have to share, even if some of them are embellished. This heartfelt connection to the elderly stems from her late grandmother, Ruth, who played a significant role in inspiring her latest novel.

Millie Bobby Brown’s new book, ‘Nineteen Steps,’ was influenced by the stories her grandmother Ruth shared about her experiences during wartime. Brown encouraged readers to engage with their own family history and talk to their grandparents or parents, highlighting the importance of preserving these valuable narratives. Her grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease had a profound impact on Brown, and she dedicated herself to studying the disease, aiming to create a story that would make her grandmother feel safe and heard. As she recorded the audiobook, she faced emotional challenges, but her dedication to capturing her nan’s stories and preserving her memory shines through in her work.

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