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Moeeza Arshad May 10, 2023


A promising anthology series, successfully showcasing the varied stories from all discords of society, Kitni Girhen Baki Hain is making its way to people’s hearts yet again. Presenting distinctive perspectives and exploring complex social issues, it tackles the topics in a way that is both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. Kitni Girhen Baki Hain is lucratively addressing important social issues faced by women, through its collection of short stories.

Each story depicted in the series focuses on a different issue or experience, while still contributing to a broader conversation about the experiences of women. Every episode being self-contained is appealing to viewers who may not have the time or energy to commit to a long, ongoing narrative. Kitni Girhen Baki Hain has highlighted some of the most sensitive topics in its latest episodes. Here’s a flashback to the previous episodes:

Episode -1 – Maan highlights the societal issues women face while aspiring to work and earn for their families. Constraints and questions they face shadow all their success and make it hard for them to carry on with their ambitions.

Episode -2 – Ehsaas encompasses the journey of an old woman, who is a loving mother and grandmother, but in times of adversity and pain, she is left to suffer all alone. Being abandoned by the family in her last days she questions all she sacrificed and gave to her loved ones.

Episode -3 – Imtehan sheds light on the life of a pious woman who stays loyal to her addict husband regardless of all his malicious activities. When she comes across a person who appeared to be a lifesaving angel, she is met with an even worse situation she never anticipated.

Episode -4 – Darmyan shows the journey of an actor who is guided by an unknown person, a stranger he never met. But when he finally meets all his castles in the air are shattered to the ground.

Episode -5 – Saiban promotes the discourse of kindness and virtue and how it comes back to you in the time of need. It showcases the power of goodness and empathy with an interesting plot of intertwined lives.

Episode -6 – Jootha Bartan emphasizes on the repercussions of prejudice and bigotry in one’s heart against any community or color. The things one takes the most pride in can turn out to be of no value in the end.

Episode -7 – Qabool hai portrays the struggles of a girl sacrificing everything at her disposal to provide for her family and ill father. After everything she does, she is met with the trickiest fate at the end.

Episode -8 – Lawn ka 3 piece suit indulges the audience in the life of a simple girl who wants small things in her life that make her happy. Her longing for a simple dress teaches her the determination she required.

Episode -9 – Jabbar takes us to the outskirts of a village where falling prey to the feudal justice system, a father is compelled to give away his daughter to save his son. The agony that she goes through makes her stronger and better than her ancestors.

Episode -10 – Bohtan flinches the discourse of accusation and repercussions of lies. It seamlessly elucidates, that malicious actions always come back to you multiplied.

The thread of these stories continues to weave every week on your TV screens on HUM TV. The conception behind using an exclusive topics series, like Kitni Girhen Baki Hain, to explore social issues, is that it can create a sense of empathy and understanding among viewers, spark conversations and raise awareness about significant topics. When we see characters grappling with difficult situations, we may be more inclined to see those situations as real and important, rather than abstract or distant. This can lead to a greater appreciation for the complexity of women’s experiences, as well as a desire to be more informed and engaged on these issues. Watch Kitni Girhen Baki Hain for more elusive stories, every Saturday at 8 pm, only on HUM TV.

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