Mahira Khan shares her favorite On-Screen look, Co-Star and more insights.

Moeeza Arshad April 11, 2023


Being unfailingly stunning and phenomenal as she is, Mahira continues to expand her place in her fans’ hearts with candid conversation and off screen interactions through several platforms. Being a charming person that she is, Mahira has opened numerous doors for her fans to have a sneak-peek into her personal associations, preferences and habits. One of them being Mashion, that she referred to, as a safe space for her to represent her actual self as she call it – Without Filters.

In one of her forthright interviews with Mashion Youtube channel, she was asked about her favorite on-screen look that she loved the most, to which she replied with utmost delight that among all the characters that she has played in movies or dramas, the look she loved the most was of Shano from Sadqay Tumharay”. The drama was set in the 1970s and her wardrobe was designed by Pia, who did an exceptional job of capturing the essence of the era. From the dresses to the makeup and hairstyles, she loved everything about her look in the drama. She also mentioned that she has seen a lot of people recreate her look as Shano and that it created quite a stir that year, and she still considers that look to be her favorite till date.

In conversation with Ahmed Ali but on 16 Years of HUM TV Entertainment show, Mahira let in a lot of penchants an predilections of her journey as an actor. When asked about her favorite male co-star in the industry, Mahira replied that she has worked with many talented actors in her career, but her favourite co-star is Humayun Saeed. The two actors worked together in the film “Bin Roye” and later in the drama serial adaptation of the same name. In an interview, Mahira spoke highly of Humayun’s work ethic and professionalism. She also mentioned that working with him was a great experience and that he is a dear friend.

In the same interview Mahira referred to her experience with HUM TV to be magical and most homely of all as she mentioned that she is the daughter of HUM family and that it’s her “Maikaa”. She insinuated that she has always felt safe to be with the enterprise and that even her family is contented when she is there. She mentioned that it has been 10 years of Hamsafar and her being an actor and that it has been truly phenomenal working with everyone in HUM TV.

In an interview with Haroon Rashid for BBC Asian Network, when asked if she ever wants to shed the overshadowing aura of Khirad from her? She replied with the paramount warmth and affection for the character and said that “No, I love her. It’s my most untainted work, it’s me.” She mentioned that she has played many memorable characters throughout her career, but when it comes to her most realistic character, it was Khirad. Who was a strong and resilient woman who faced many challenges in her life just like her in real life so she felt a strong connection with the character.

Mahira also spoke about her personal journey as an actress and how she has grown and evolved over the years. She mentioned that she has faced many challenges and struggles in her career, but that she has learned to overcome them with time and perseverance. Mahira believes that hard work and dedication are essential to succeed in any field.

In a Q&A session with Mashion Youtube, Mahira gave several peculiar insights about herself in a rapid fire, where she revealed that she just like any of us, likes to play candy crush before she sleeps and that her first celebrity crush was Shahrukh Khan. With many more lurid chit-chats Mahira continues to let her fans get to know her more and love her even more.  With a successful career spanning over a decade, she has become a prominent name in the Pakistani entertainment industry and in the hearts of the masses not just through screen but also through these off-screen interactions and exchanges.

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