Unveiling the Magic Behind Very Filmy’s Title: A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes!

Moeeza Arshad February 26, 2024


Journey behind the scenes of the official title of upcoming drama serial Very Filmy,” is revealed exclusively by HUM TV. Directed by the visionary Ali Hassan, this behind-the-scenes extravaganza offers an amusing insight into the creative process that brought the title to life.

Led by the dynamic Momina Duraid Productions, the star-studded cast includes Dananeer Mobeen, Ameer Gilani, Bushra Ansari, Ali Safina, Mira Sethi, Ukhano, and many more, adding a layer of excitement to the making-of feature. Viewers can witness the collaborative efforts of this talented ensemble, showcasing their dedication and passion for the craft. Stay tuned for more glimpses into the magic of Very Filmy,” as more behind-the-scenes promise to be a treat for all drama enthusiasts and fans alike!

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