Dil Pe Zakham Khaye Hain is a story of two women with interwoven lives. Shafaq and Sabahat belonging to two entirely different classes of the society are met by accident and their whole future intertwines together. The drama showcases the different temperaments of people and how they approach towards the deprivations of their lives and what lengths they sometime go to change them.

Shafaq who belongs to an underprivileged family, works day and night to make the ends meet for her family and is a patient girl. However, Sabahat on the other hand wants it all, and when she gets to know about a deprivation that no amount of money can buy or cure, she goes beyond the states of morals to fulfil her lacking. Her manipulative demeanor clutches everyone under her claws while she defines the course of their lives.

Written by Rizwan Ahmed, directed By Wahb Jafri, produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Production, Dil Pe Zakham Khaye Hain cast includes Tuba Anwar, Shahzad Noor, Maryam Noor, Amna Kifayat, Beena Chaudhary, Areesha Razi, Hassan Khan, Yasir Shoro, Majida Hameed, Aisha Sabahat Adil, Mateen Mehmood, Raja Shahid, Sangeeta, Aanaya Khan & Others.

Each character in Dil Pe Zakham Khae Hain is a pawn in the larger game of life, driven by their desires and ambitions. Dil Pe Zakham Khaye hain revolves around the interweaved lives of Shafaq, Sabahat, Kamal and Usman, a story of deprivations and manipulation, where actions of few redefine the course of everyone’s life. Watch Dil Pe Zakham Khaye Hain every day at 7 pm, only on HUM TV.

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