Bringing back the most cherished rom-com of the year, Fairy Tale 2 takes you back into the sidesplitting world of Pasha House. As Umeed lives through her dream of winning the show and fortune from Socho Pakistan, the unexpected turn that her life took, turned out to be her major feat of life – the triumph of love. As Farjaad and Umeed finally embrace their love for each other, some new challenges fall in their way.

With all the stars nearly aligned in the way of their amour, Farjaad and Umeed move forward towards their happily ever after. Written by Sarah Majeed, directed by Ali Hassan and produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, Fairy Tale 2 is twice the laughter and entertainment in every way. The talented cast of Fairy Tale 2 includes Hamza Sohail, Sahar Khan, Aena Khan, Adnan Raza Mir, Saleem Sheikh, Amna Yousuf, Saman Ansari, Salma Hassan, Hina Rizvi, Tehseen Wajahat Chishti, Rahat Ghani & Others.

With the electrifying chemistry between Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail, the pair of Umeed and Farjaad are a pure delight to the eyes. With more and more obstacles falling in the way of union of the hearts, Fairy Tale 2 keeps taking the exciting turns keeping the audiences hooked. As the events unfold, and any problem emerging are dealt with Umeed’s style, and the drama becomes the ultimate home of laughter, gags and entertainment. Will these obstacles overthrow the power of love? or will love conquer all? Watch Fairy Tale 2, Mega Episodes, every Saturday 8pm to 10pm, only on HUM TV.

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