Nafrat” delves into the delicate tapestry of Zaib-un-Nisa’s life, weaving a narrative complexed with love, sacrifices, and hate. Born into the shadows of loss and abandonment, Zaibu’s existence is shrouded in the sorrow of her mother’s untimely death and her father’s inexplicable absence. Raised among her relatives, she finds herself tied to their wishes and desires, her own aspirations drowned out by the noise of their expectations.

The core of Zaibu’s turbulent journey lies in her complex relationship with her father, Sikandar, a figure whose absence looms large over her fractured existence. Convinced of his betrayal, Zaibu harbors a deep-seated resentment towards him, believing him to have abandoned her mother in her hour of need.

Central to Zaibu’s emotional landscape is her forbidden love for her cousin, Aarez, a bond forged in the fires of childhood camaraderie and blossoming into a forbidden romance. Yet, fate intervenes with a cruel twist, as she finds herself bound in matrimony to Aarez’s ailing brother, Fawad. Caught between duty and desire, Zaibu struggles to reconcile her heart’s yearnings with the harsh realities of familial obligation, her inner turmoil mirrored in the depths of her soul.

As Zaibu grapples with the weight of societal expectations and familial responsibilities, her world is further thrown into disarray by the unexpected return of her father, Sikandar, now accompanied by a new wife and daughter. Amidst the chaos, Zaibu finds herself ensnared in a web of hate and manipulation, her fragile sense of self tested to its limits.

Complicating matters further is the relentless pursuit of Shahnawaz, Sikandar’s friend and business partner, whose obsessive infatuation with Zaibu threatens to upset her already shaky existence. As he strives for her affections, Zaibu must navigate the waters of his advances, all while grappling with the simmering animosity of Aarez, whose love has curdled into bitter resentment.

Against the backdrop of familial conflict and romantic turmoil, Zaibu’s journey unfolds with aching sadness, her quest for self-sufficiency and self-discovery resonating deeply with audiences. “Nafrat” offers a compelling exploration of love, sacrifice, and the enduring power of the human spirit to transcend adversity, leaving viewers transfixed by Zaibu’s indomitable will and unwavering determination to carve her own path in a world full of obstacles. Nafrat airs every day at 7pm only on HUM TV.

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