Mahira Khan lauded for sustainable clothing choices

Moeeza Arshad November 8, 2023


Mahira Khan, the bride talk of the town, has once again rivetted hearts with her sustainable fashion choices. At a recent wedding, she set significant sustainability goals by repurposing her sangeet outfit and wedding jewelry for a special occasion. This commitment to sustainable fashion not only showcases her style but also her dedication to reducing fashion waste and environmental impact.

At the wedding of Frieha Altaf’s son, Turhan James, Mahira Khan graced the event in a stunning red and white floral lehenga, radiating elegance and charm. Her choice to reuse one of her wedding attires and jewelry emphasized the importance of sustainable fashion and sent a powerful message to her fans and the fashion industry. Not only did she look breathtaking in her outfit, but she also delighted everyone with a mesmerizing dance performance, proving that sustainable fashion can be both chic and fun. Mahira Khan’s efforts to promote eco-friendly choices in the fashion world make her a true Sustainable Queen, setting an inspiring example for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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