Pyari Mona – A battle with the stigma

Moeeza Arshad April 14, 2023


The stigma around body weight and society’s standards is a multifaceted issue that affects many individuals. In many cultures, there is a social humiliation attached to being overweight or obese, and these individuals face discrimination and negative attitudes from others. This stigma can manifest itself in various ways, such as being excluded from social events, being teased or bullied, or being subject to negative stereotyping.

Mona has been living her life with the stigma attached to her constantly. Her battle has been there since ever and she has been facing these scoffs, especially from her family, her mother constantly pushes her to the edge to get the desired results because she believes that’s the only way she can succeed in anything in life. The wrestle between self-acceptance and social pressure has always affected her indirectly.

From leaving her home to moving to another city, Mona has left no stone unturned to protect her mental peace and self-esteem, but the stigma of being overweight keeps haunting her and lurking throughout her life. Even in her new city, she had to switch multiple jobs because of body shaming and harassment issues. Her mother keeps convincing her to change herself to fit in society but she persists in being who she is and that she is happy with herself.

Her struggles keep on getting harder with the constant comparison with her sister Samia who is a slim girl with a rigorous exercise routine, who nevertheless falls into fatal health problems no one anticipated. Mona’s life has taken an unexpected turn after her only companion Irfan also gets married and she has to move back to her city for the unforeseen instances that fell in her lap.

It’s important to recognize that societal pressure to conform to a thin ideal is not healthy or realistic for everyone. it’s important to promote body positivity and acceptance for all individuals. This can include challenging negative attitudes and stereotypes about body weight, promoting healthy habits and self-care, and providing support and resources for those who may be struggling with their mental health as a result of weight stigma.

By portraying characters who are fighting against this stigma, shows like “Pyari Mona” can help raise awareness and promote body positivity and acceptance. The show provides a nuanced and empathetic portrayal of its characters and their experiences, and it helps to contribute to a more inclusive and accepting society. Will she vanquish in the battle, or surrender to the rules and standards set by society? Follow the story of Mona every Thursday at 8 pm on HUM TV to find out.

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