Will Azmiya ever be able to win her family back?

Moeeza Arshad April 13, 2023


Azmiya has been suffering since the day she submitted to the wishes of Fardeen. She was in constant guilt and regret for lowering her guards for him. She promised herself to never do it again for anyone, no matter what. When Fardeen pushed her to compromise her principles, and she refuses, he annulments the marriage in anger thoughtlessly, and Azmiya’s world shifted upside down. From losing her marriage and trust of her family, to protect her esteem she has sacrificed a lot. She suffered throughout the period after that, until she had to take the drastic measures to shield her integrity.

Even after being constantly misunderstood by her family and constant manipulation of Fardeen, Azmiya persisted on her decision to not fall again for the ploys of Fardeen. Her mother Salma, who loved her daughter so dearly is also probing her for her judgements. Salma tumbles to the dread of societal pressure and constantly pushes Azmiya to forgive Fardeen and take him back again. Azmiya’s constant refusal is not conceded  by anyone in the family and she finally has to leave her home behind, along with all the trust.

The sweeping decision of leaving her home has further problematized Azmiya’s life. Now she is dependent on Zaki and his family for both shelter and protection. Every day of her life, she has to face the excruciating scoffs of people. Everyone from her family has cut her off except her mother, who also blocks her after a final call. Azmiya’s existence has turned into a mound of pain and disappointment and she is seen praying to God to end her life as she can’t take it anymore. But Zaki’s warm presence has always pulled her back to the virtuousness of life and hopes.


She still longs for her mother, home and family and want to win them back, but Fardeen continues to poison her life in pursuit of revenge. With Fardeen plotting a new gambit, will Azmiya succeed to prove her stance and win her family and their trust back? To find out watch Mere Ban Jao, every Wednesday, 8pm only on HUM Tv.

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